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It was easy to come back to this place. There was something so familiar about this town. As if it was…home. He couldn’t quite explain it. And really he had no idea why this place carried such a sentimental value for him. Maybe it was the happy adults working and making a living. Or maybe it was the quaint little shops that opened the doors to anyone no matter who they were. Or maybe the carefree children and the way they played about with no worries in their heads.

But there was one boy in particular.

Jack knew very little about him. But what he did know? Was enough to make him stay. His name was Jamie, and within that big heart was nothing but hope, and more belief than he was certain any other child would know what to do with. And whether or not this boy could ever see him? Well, that didn’t matter to him. But what this boy didn’t know? Was that Jack made it his duty to visit him every single night during the fall and winter months. This boy was special. And he might have even loved him. For he envied him and everything about him. Jack had so much love to give, and absolutely no one to share it with.

But tonight he would be a little risky. And wait. Wait for this boy to return home to his room. And just beside his bed on his night stand would be the smallest little sculpture made entirely of ice. A star. His one worry was the fear of it melting before the boy returned home. But it was worth the wait. And so he hovered outside of that window patient and content.

"…Whether you will ever be able to see me or not. I will not stop watching over you. You keep…beings like me alive with so much belief  Thank you, kid. You’re just…perfect."

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    The boy looked on in silent awe the second he spotted the frost beginning to form. And as the sketch of a rabbit came to...
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    Upon his return, he was careful to creep up to the window cautiously in the event that the boy might have fallen asleep....
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