emmaontheice asked: "Am I allowed to say we showed up to the fandom 15 mins late in yoga pants and starbucks?"

That’s all we ever do. We’re the Overland’s. We’re notoriously bad at showing up for things!

Happy 1st Anniversary Fandom!!!

I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA but some personal things have been going on!! I love you guys. :)

You don’t have to see me to know that it gets better.

So I haven’t posted a headcanon or writing in a long time! I needed to blow off some steam today, so I wrote a little drabble based on this ask headcanon that I received way back when this blog was just a little baby! I hope you enjoy it! It’s not my best work but I have been feeling uneasy about my muse for awhile so it’ll take some time to bounce back completely! Tell me what you think if you can!


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Black Scars


Pitch let out a small chuckle, his shoulders barely shaking as he shook his head lightly. Jack’s attempt to threaten him did little to shake him. Pitch took one last look from the view he had atop the roof of the small home before sighing as he stood and placed his hands calmly behind his back, clasping his right hand against his left wrist. “Was that supposed to threaten me?” he asked.

He finally turned to face Jack fully, smirking at the eternal teenager as if he hadn’t said anything to him. “Don’t think you can stop me from doing what I do, Jack. It’s my job for a reason. Just as it is yours. I need believers just as much as you do, so why try to but in?”

Pitch stepped towards Jack, looking him in his blue eyes as he continued speaking.

"But that man was right, Jack. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. But the thing is Jack, I am fear. Being the Nightmare King comes with that.” There was a small hint of sass in Pitch’s voice, but to Pitch he was merely speaking what he felt was the truth. It should be obvious to Jack by now. There was no way a person could live without some kind of fear in their life, it was only natural. It even followed people well into their adult life. It was inevitable. 

Pitch went to turn away from Jack, keeping his smirk as he let his sand form underneath him in order to carry him down to the ground below. “Now, if you want to do your job, I say you go comfort the kid living right below you. That is, if he can see you. I know for a fact that, by now, he should be able to see me,” Pitch said as he floated slightly above the rooftop and was carried over the edge and began floating down to the ground, eager to see what Jack would do first; follow him or try his luck with the child.

Jack wanted to tend to the child in that house. He wanted to tend to all of them because it was his job to provide fun and happiness to get them away from nightmares. But Pitches words stung horribly. If they can see you. If. Jack might never say it out loud. But in a way, Pitch was necessary. The world needed fear. That didn’t mean that the world was meant to be engulfed in it. Because that was not the case, but fear was necessary. Some even grow to like fear, they enjoy getting scared. Others let it take over them completely and find comfort in that fear.

He followed after Pitch. The wind picking up beneath him as he fought to catch up. They weren’t finished talking. Not yet. Like a lost puppy he followed after Pitch not bothering to think of what the other guardians might think. Not even bothering to think about the consequences he might face for daring to follow the nightmare king himself, “I’m just…” He  couldn’t help himself. It was in his nature to look out for others, “…Surprised to see you in Burgess after…everything that happened. Wasn’t exactly the most civil ending ever.” There was some concern in his tone. Even then, when Pitch seemed all powerful and unbeatable there had been concern. An underlying worry that he wouldn’t be okay even at his strongest. Loneliness is a terrible thing. And both of them know that feeling painfully well, “I know very well that this might be the first time I’ve seen you around in months. I’m a little curious is all.” About you.

Apparently Canada doesn’t love you.

It’s because I gave them blizzard in response to how disappointed I am in the new Degrassi episodes. 

Anonymous asked: "Well I dunno about that other anon, but here it is FREEZING HOLY BALLS MAN you really like Canada huh? ;~; I can feel your love but a;dlfkadf;'d;ld be more gentle OTL I'm a delicate daffodil okay?! *rolls away*"


Anonymous asked: "If you could dye your hair a temporary color, what would it be?"

Brown, my old hair color.

Anonymous asked: "Oh for the love of winter just go see your damn kid already!"

I have already! I’m not leaving her side unless I absolutely have to!

Anonymous asked: "Jack do you make yellow snow?"