/I’ll try to be on later tonight after work!!! Rini I think I owe you!!! And Jamie too!

theboywhobelieved sent: *THROWS CRUMPLED PAPER AT* "You missed my birthday!"



"You missed mine for the past 300 years! Who’s more wrong right now?!"


"I meant your birthday, Jack. Can you even remember that?”


"My birthday lasts the whole year. It’s every day. December 21st.”


"Where’s my present!"

"Happy birthday, you’re lookin’ at it."


"What a lousy gift when I got you an ipad for Christmas."

Fine but I get to be the top.


Frost by Dani Jelivic
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Frost by Dani Jelivic

Anonymous sent: Jack, thanks for being around. I've been feeling really down and lonely lately, and just seeing you answer my silly asks helps me feel a little better, like I actually have someone who still cares about me. <3 Please, don't ever stop being so wonderful.

You listen to me, okay? You are so important to this world. And it’s people like you who keep me going. I will always care about you. And I will always listen. Most importantly…


I will always be there. I promise.

knotfairy sent: Welcome back!

//Thanks so much!!


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jamie-bennett sent: *Of course it was really him. Jamie knew that deep down. But he needed to hear it out loud--confirmed from the spirit's very own lips. It felt like an eternity since he heard that voice* Yeah... It is. *Without warning Jamie stepped forward and enveloped Jack in a tight hug, a smile stretched wide across his lips* It's so good to see you again~.

The hugs would always have him caught off guard. They were rare. But they were his absolute favorite. A reminder of a life he once lived filled with warmth and human experience, “You too, kiddo. You too.” Jack’d always call Jamie kiddo. No matter how old he was

Anonymous sent: Hey Jack, just wanna let you know: I've got coffee, hot chocolate, an XBox, lots of blankets, and an extra teddy bear if you ever need a break from the world. Just y'know, knock first haha.

…That sounds really great. 

Thank you.

tkhikaru13 sent: What the ever loving fuckery you're back. Missed you you nutter.

//Yes I’m back!!! I’m taking it slow though but I’m here!!

im-akitty sent: YOU'RE BACK!! *cuddles*

//It’s really seriously good to be back!!